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How Good is That?

I hope after considering my recent blog post about the pitfalls of DIY plantscaping, you’ve decided that it’s not the smartest business decision.

Now let’s talk about how you can cost-effectively have your establishment expertly plantscaped, with ongoing professional plant care to ensure you’re consistently delivering an atmosphere of beauty and ambiance to your patrons.  How cost-effective is free? – I think you’ll agree that’s hard to beat.

So how do you get ‘free’ plants for your establishment?

It’s easy and automatic when you hire Interior Plant Scapes to do the job, especially if you’ve already tried the do-it-yourself route.

Country Club Plant Scapes

What smart business owners and managers understand is that our professional plantscaping services literally pay for themselves in anywhere from 1 to 3 years (depending on a variety of factors).

When you hire Interior Plant Scapes to do the job, here’s what you’re NOT spending:

  1. the ongoing cost for you to periodically replace all your plants;
  2. the ongoing cost for you to periodically replace all your cheap containers;
  3. the business dollars you are losing because your plant program is actually causing you to lose business;
  4. the business dollars you could be earning if your plant program effectively created the Positive Ambiance Messaging we discussed in a previous blog post;
  5. the ongoing cost in human resources to monitor, replace, and care for the plants and containers;
  6. the ongoing cost to your business operation because the time those employees are tasked with plant care is not contributing to the bottom line;
  7. the boost in productivity you could be experiencing if your employees were more excited about working in an establishment that exuded beauty and ambiance (it’s been proven repeatedly that employees are 15% more productive and experience 10% less absenteeism when surrounded by plants… that’s money in the bank).

If you were truly able to quantify all those costs over a period of, let’s just say, 3 years… that would more than pay for Interior Plant Scapes to install and maintain a professional plant scape solution… including FREE ongoing plant replacement!

That’s before you even consider the increase in revenue you will experience long-term from your Ambiance Upgrade … both from increased sales, as well as increased employee productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Honestly, it’s a no-brainer investment into the success and growth of your business … one with a fantastic return.

So go ahead and schedule your Free Ambiance Assessment now, while it’s fresh in your mind… and let us show you how we can transform your establishment from woe to WOW!

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