#1 Plants Increase Customer Spend

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In my last article, I mentioned we would take an in-depth look at 4 Proven Ways Plants Improve Your Bottom Line to understand how plants can be our best friends in the post-pandemic “new normal” we all face. As executives, managers, and business owners, we are tasked with providing enhanced customer experiences of safety & well-being, while operating at financial deficits due to months of lost revenue.

So let’s look at probably the most critical way plants can help us bridge the gap between our current financial state and our need to create an enhanced customer experience of well-being…  plants increase customer spend.

Did you know that…

These are just some of the data that show consumers do more consuming when in the presence of plants.

And why is that?… Why are people more willing to open their pocket book when in the midst of plants? — Well, when you look at the data… it’s not actually that hard to understand.

It’s a known fact that people spend more when they are relaxed and have a sense of well-being and happiness. It’s also a known fact that the presence of plants reduces stress, increases relaxation, and contributes in many ways to an overall sense of well-being. So it’s not rocket science to understand why plantscaping actually increases customer spending.

Conversely, patrons spend less when they are anxious, fearful, or stressed… exactly the situation business owners are facing right now with help of facemask and social distancing requirements.  So the need to create a calming, soothing environment is paramount now more than ever if we want our clients, patrons, and customers to feel relaxed enough to start spending again.

Properly appointed plantscaping can do just that very thing. Let us show you how with our Free Ambiance Assessment.

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