The Power of Positive Ambiance Messaging

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Everyone’s heard the old adage:

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

… and we all pretty much can see the truth in that.  Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, can we agree then that an experience must be worth about a million words?

If so, what ‘million words’ is your guest experience saying about you and your business?

What message are your surroundings sending to your customers?  Believe me, they’re saying SOMETHING… the question is, WHAT?

Take a good, long look around your establishment. Which does it say?

We care.
We think you are special, unique, and important.
You deserve the best.
We think we are special.
We offer something unique and important.
We want to provide you with the best.
We want you to enjoy your time here.
We want you to come back again and again.


We couldn’t care less.
You’re nobody special.
You get what you get. Don’t expect us to go the extra mile for the likes of you.
We’re just here to collect a pay check and go home to our TV.
We’re just trying to make a buck like everybody else. Give us break.
Yeah, the best we can afford to give.
You’re a bother to have around. Why did you come in here anyway?
The sooner you get lost, the better for us.

You may think no business in its right mind would tell a customer what’s in Column 2… and I hope you’re right! – But I can definitely tell you from experience that there are MANY businesses out there saying those very same things by their hap-hazard surroundings.

So how do you catapult your business from Column 2 over to Column 1?  How do you implement what we call Positive Ambiance Messaging?

It’s surprisingly easy.  Gorgeously designed, well cared for, beautifully appointed and expertly placed, live, thriving plants!

I’m not talking about fake plants, nor do I mean cheap plants in even cheaper pots.  (Better that you have nothing at all.)

No… I mean total ambiance game-changers!

Beautiful plant arrangements appointed in exquisite containers, placed artfully around a guest space are virtually all you need to create instant beauty and ambiance and convey to your patrons:

A Sense of Arrival

A Sense of Place



Attention to Detail


A Stunning First Impression

A Fantastic Guest Experience

A Memorable Last Impression

An Image of Success

A Refined and Upscale Portrayal of Your Business

Hotel & Resort Plant Scapes
Hotel & Resort Plant Scapes

And THOSE attributes, my friend, mean more sales, more business, and ultimately more success!

Sound too easy?… or maybe too hard??… or even, perhaps, too expensive???  — Think again.  Keep an eye on our blog because I’ll be sharing with you how easy and cost effective expert plant scaping and ongoing care can actually be… if you’re doing it right.

You can’t afford NOT to implement Positive Ambiance Messaging to your customers.  The life of your business depends upon it.

So if you haven’t done it yet, be sure to schedule your Free Ambiance Assessment. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at what you learn!

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