Worse Than Nothing!

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In my last blog post, I introduced you to the concept of Positive Ambiance Messaging and conveyed how gorgeously designed, well cared for, beautifully appointed and expertly placed, live, thriving plants can be instant ambiance game-changers.

I also said it can be surprisingly easy and cost-effective to implement… if you’re doing it right.  Let me re-emphasize that last part… IF – YOU’RE – DOING – IT – RIGHT.

There’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about plant scaping your establishment… and the rewards you’ll reap will be commensurate with the way you go about it.

Today, I want to focus on what NOT to do … simply because it’s what most businesses try first and fail miserably at, before they come to us.  Perhaps this is you now.  If not, I hope I can save you some time, lots of headaches, and even more money by addressing this common pitfall right off the bat.

So here goes…

Don’t… I repeat… DO NOT attempt to plant scape your establishment yourself — unless you are an expert plantscaper and a professional gardener, and have few other job responsibilities.

If you DO attempt to DIY (do it yourself), let me paint you a picture of how that will very likely turn out…

#1: You (or your staff) will most likely not know the correct locations to place plants for maximum effect, minimal disruption, and what will work best for the specific plants chosen.

#2: You (or your staff) will also most likely not know what plants to ensemble for the locations you choose… either aesthetically or functionally.

#3: Since you (or your staff) are probably trying to save money by doing it yourself in the first place, you will very likely choose cheap containers from your nearest home improvement store. This will only downgrade the beauty of the plants, and render the effort to upscale your establishment quite useless.

#4: You (or your staff) will very likely not have the dedicated time, focus, and possible knowledge to properly care for the plants … especially if they were poor functional choices to begin with, improperly ensembled, or put in inappropriate locations. Additionally, since you probably chose cheap containers, this will only make caring for the plants more difficult, as more expensive containers have functionality built into them to provide a better environment for the plant to thrive.

#5: Once the plants do start to fail, you (or your staff) will very likely not know what to do to reverse the situation… and the plants will continue to decline until you bite the bullet and spend additional funds (again) to replace the plants, and possibly the cheap containers… and start the cycle all over again.

The End Result: Instead of upscaling your establishment and creating instant beauty and ambiance, you’ve downgraded your atmosphere with dying, decaying plants, poorly chosen and arranged, in cheap containers… creating an instant eye sore, a drain on your staff’s time, focus, and energy, and an additional recurring expense for your budget to absorb. – Honestly…

This is truly worse than doing nothing!

As I said before… please don’t do that. And if you’re doing that now… just simply stop, remove any plants not currently thriving, and call us at (239)481-9100.

Take the time now to schedule your Free Ambiance Assessment, if you haven’t already… and let us show you how easy and cost-effective expert plant scaping done right can truly be.

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