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Hopefully, over the course of our recent blog posts, you’ve come to understand more about the value of live plant scaping to your business and how cost-effective it can be to implement and maintain.

In fact, if you’re like most savvy business owners, you’re beginning to realize you need to hire a plantscaping service at this point.

So why go with Interior Plant Scapes? – What makes US your best choice?

7 Simple Reasons Why Interior Plant Scapes is Your Best Choice

Award-Winning Plant Designs

1. Award-Winning Plant Designs

We don’t just stick a few potted plants in the corner and call it a plant scape. No, IPS features award-winning plant designs that deliver the WOW factor to any environment.

IPS Greenhouse

2. Huge Greenhouse Inventory:

Did you know we have one of the largest greenhouses in SW Florida right on our premises? Yep… we hand select, grow, and maintain our own stock of plants. THAT’s HUGE! – That means we can deliver gorgeous, quality plants to you quickly and cost-effectively.

Commitment to Responsiveness

3. Commitment to Responsiveness

Our huge inventory enables us to demonstrate a Commitment to Responsiveness. Our entire team is built around this commitment… from our front desk receptionist, to our plant scape installation teams, to our plant care gardeners… our top most goal is to keep our promise of gorgeous plants where you need them, when you need them.

Professional A-Team Gardeners

4. Professional A-Team Gardeners

Our team is absolutely, hands down, our greatest competitive advantage.  We have a hiring and training process that combines A-team people with proven training systems to deliver a quality plant professional to your doorstep, on time, every time.

100% Unconditional Plant Guarantee

5. 100% Unconditional Plant Guarantee

Even with the best gardening care, sometimes plants still need to be replaced. IPS understands this need. That’s why we have a huge greenhouse on-site… to replace FOR FREE any plant that doesn’t deliver on our promise of Guaranteed Gorgeous Plants.  Does your plant service do that???

35 Years of Experience

6. 35 Years of Experience

IPS is here… in this business, in this location… for the long haul.  We’ve been here 35 years and counting. What does that mean for you? Experience and expertise, in this SW Florida market… in this sub-tropical climate.

7. Proven Track Record of Success

IPS has a long list of satisfied clients, including the Downtown Fort Myers Redevelopment Chief, Don Paight. See what they have to say…

“Plants are the best way to soften the environment and make an area more attractive for people to visit. We want the plants to look good all the time & Interior Plant Scapes does that.” – Downtown Fort Myers Redevelopment Chief, Don Paight

“Having live plants in our Country Club makes all the difference — they are the only way to go. I’ve managed three different Clubs & always use Interior Plant Scapes.” – Doug Brown, Country Club General Manager

“Live plants definitely give us an upscale feel and appearance  —  and gives our customer a higher sense of  quality. Interior Plant Scapes are true professionals.” – Jim Larkin, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Hotel

“Live plants say that we care — they create a great ambiance for our guests. And Interior Plant Scapes          keeps every plant fresh and new.” – Jeff Marsh, Hilton Naples

So what are you waiting for? – Schedule your Free Ambiance Assessment today and see how Interior Plant Scapes can create ambiance and beautiful spaces with guaranteed gorgeous plants… for your business.

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