Why Interior Plant Scapes?

"Creating Ambiance & Beautiful Spaces"

Why Interior Plant Scapes

DIY vs DFY. WARNING: ambiance and beautiful spaces is not a DIY project. Imagine the benefits of Done For You…

We do all the work, you get all the credit (it’s OK, happens all the time).  And, DFY means peace of mind, knowing your live plants are picture perfect and your property is premier.

DFY means the complete transfer of responsibility for your live plant ambiance – We Got This, this is Our Business.  You and your staff are free to attend to all the details of Your Business.

C O M M I T M E N T ... T O


We endeavor to make doing business with us, easy and fun.  For us that begins with a live friendly voice answering your call all day, every day.  Responsiveness equals responsibility.  Our whole team takes full responsibility to keep our promise of gorgeous plants. 

Every day our trucks are rolling with fresh plants for new installations and replacements.

L A R G E S T ... L O C A L

Huge Greenhouse Inventory

The ability to respond quickly is backed up by our huge inventory of gorgeous plants on the ready.  Our two acres of greenhouses is a sight to behold… “gorgeous plants in a stunningly clean and orderly environment.”  We’re not open to the public but call us if you’d like a personal tour. Or watch our virtual Greenhouse Tour below…

IPS Greenhouse

Our South Fort Myers Greenhouse Operation From Above

O U R ... P L A N T S ... F E A T U R E

Award-Winning Design

Your facility is unique and your vision is too.  Our team of designers will carefully learn your vision and ideas, then help you see options and possibilities you’ve likely never considered.  All with the goal of creating beautiful spaces that make your clients and guests feel special and cared for.

Before & After
(click image to see before)

Before & After
(click image to see before)

Award-Winning Plant Designs
O U R ... P L A N T S ... H A V E ... A

100% Unconditional Guarantee

Please pay close attention to this:  the only thing worse than no plants at your facility, is dead and dying plants!  Newsflash: Live plants die.  If you have ugly plants, throw them away and your ambiance instantly improves. Guaranteed Gorgeous is our promise and our guarantee.  Our finest systems are created around “plant replacement refresh” so that we keep our promise.

Commitment to Responsiveness
W E ... H A V E ... O N L Y

Professional A-Team Gardeners

“Do you like plants? People?  Do you love life and have a great attitude?”  So starts our hiring process.  That first hurdle is a big one, but after that our plant-care training systems take over.  It’s amazing what happens when you combine A-team people with intentional systems honed over decades.  Our team is absolutely hands-down our greatest competitive advantage.

professional gardeners
E S T A B L I S H E D ... 1 9 8 3

Celebrating 35 Years

Have you heard of the “10,000 hour rule”?  The principle holds that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become world-class in any field.  Yes, we have our 10,000 hours and then some.  And yes, after 35 years, we consider our company world-class.  Therefore, our vision starts… Interior Plant Scapes is the Premier Provider.

In 1983...

Ronald Reagan is President.

A Ford Mustang costs $6572.

Check out THAT cell phone!

The launch of the space shuttle Challenger.