Why we need gardens to refresh our body and spirit

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“As a writer, I find gardens essential to the creative process.”  -Oliver Sacks

#1 Plants Increase Customer Spend

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In my last article, I mentioned we would take an in-depth look at 4 Proven Ways Plants Improve Your Bottom Line to understand how plants can be our best friends in the post-pandemic “new normal” we all face. As executives, managers, and business owners, we are tasked with providing enhanced customer experiences of safety & […]

4 Proven Ways Plants Improve Your Bottom Line

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As American businesses position themselves to re-open in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, now more than ever executives, managers, and business owners are looking to improve their bottom line in the face of lost weeks and months of revenue. 

Emotional and Mental Health Benefits of Plants

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Last month I highlighted the physical health benefits of live plants:  breathing Clean Air! Those live plants just keep on giving – this month it’s emotional and mental health benefits. The research is in, and WOW, is it compelling. 

How Do You Grow Fresh Air?

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So how do you Grow Fresh Air?Here’s a clue, “you’re already doing it!”

Free Plants for Your Establishment

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How Good is That? I hope after considering my recent blog post about the pitfalls of DIY plantscaping, you’ve decided that it’s not the smartest business decision. Now let’s talk about how you can cost-effectively have your establishment expertly plantscaped, with ongoing professional plant care to ensure you’re consistently delivering an atmosphere of beauty and […]

Excellence Wins

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A no-nonsense guide to becoming the best in a world of compromise Or Hospitality as a Verb You may not know his name, but I’ll bet you know his hotel. He penned the priceless creed that drives the hotel’s high standards… “We Are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen” Still not sure of the […]

Worse Than Nothing!

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In my last blog post, I introduced you to the concept of Positive Ambiance Messaging and conveyed how gorgeously designed, well cared for, beautifully appointed and expertly placed, live, thriving plants can be instant ambiance game-changers. I also said it can be surprisingly easy and cost-effective to implement… if you’re doing it right.  Let me […]

The Power of Positive Ambiance Messaging

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Everyone’s heard the old adage: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words … and we all pretty much can see the truth in that.  Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, can we agree then that an experience must be worth about a million words?

When Ugly Plants Are a Broken Window

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Or…How to Drastically Boost Your Ambiance and Customer Experience in Ten Minutes or Less