Why Plants

"Creating Ambiance & Beautiful Spaces"

Why Plants

Nothing… (and I mean nothing) can do what live plants do! 

Living plants are as much a part of life as breathing.  In truth, breathing wouldn’t even be possible without live plants.  Conspicuous by their absence, gorgeous live plants are the essential ingredient to convey to your clients, members, residents and associates your sincere concern for their experience with your business.

P L A N T S ... C R E A T E

Ambiance & Beautiful Spaces

Because “Creating Ambiance and Beautiful Spaces” is Our Creed, and part of our Vision Statement, we’ve become convinced we’re not even in the plant business.  Gorgeous live plants do the heavy lifting for us, in fulfilling that vision.  That’s true because being beautiful is simply what live plants are.

P L A N T S C A P E S ... A R E

Living Art

Artwork in your business or hospitality space is a given.  “Well of course we’re going to have art and decorative pieces.”  Why not use Living Art?  Imagine the natural beauty of live plant textures, forms and colors.  Artists are amazing, but none have even come close to replicating this piece of work. Joyce Kilmer got it right:

“I think that I shall never see. A poem lovely as a tree.”

Plant Scaping as Living Art
P L A N T S ... E N H A N C E

Sense of Arrival

It begins before your clients or guests even get out of their car (or better said, it should). Sense of Arrival is the anticipation that’s been building ever since someone made the decision to visit your establishment.  Live plants do more than their share of communicating, “You’ve arrived, this is a special place and we’re glad you’re here.”  Warmth.  Beauty.  Image.  Friendliness. And the list goes on…

Shell Point Country Club Before & After
(click image to see before)

The Palms Before & After
(click image to see before)

P L A N T S ... E X U D E

Warmth & Hospitality

Why do we bring live plants and flowers to cheer a friend in the hospital?  Live plants are simply synonymous with warmth and hospitality.  Warmth and Hospitality is critical to building strong business relationships.  Conrad Hilton, the premier hotel man, built his empire on that vision, (quoted here in part), “To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality…”

P L A N T S ... C R E A T E ... P O S I T I V E

First Impressions & Guest Experience

Your guest experience begins with their first impression.  The visual cues they see, speak volumes before anyone on your team has a chance to even say hello.  Yes, live plants speak!  Gorgeous live plants and planters say, “Welcome, this is a special place, we’re glad you’re here.”  Quick question.  What are your live plants saying to your clients and guests about your business?

P L A N T S ... P O R T R A Y ... A N

Upscale & Refined Image of Success

Your upscale and refined clientele feel most comfortable working with successful businesses.  Professional live plants simply and elegantly convey an image of success.  Whether it’s a banking institution, a country club, a luxury high-rise condo or car dealership, live plants are part of a refined and upscale environment.

P L A N T S ... D E M O N S T R A T E

Attention to Detail for Comfort & Atmosphere

“Wow, even the live plants are gorgeous, they’ve thought of everything.”  That’s what we want your clients and guests saying about you.  Their comfortable Wow experience is very likely your goal and vision.  But with your eye on so many other priorities, the detail of live plants can get missed.  Attention to detail requires…duh, attention.  Relax, we got this one.