How to Kiss Your Potted Plant Problems Goodbye… For Good

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If you are like most business owners trying to care for their own interior or exterior plant scaping, you’ve probably got a never-ending laundry list of Potted Plant Problems. Do any of these sound familiar?

Sterile Sidewalks. Do your sidewalks convey an air of cold sterility to your patrons?

Design Dilemmas. Do you find yourself in a continual quandry over what plants to use, how to arrange them to best effect, and where exactly to place them for maximum ambiance impact?

Plant-care Cares. Do you find caring for your plants a continual drain of time and resources that just simply doesn’t yield results?

Watering Worries. Always worrying whether watering too much (or too little) isn’t the cause of your plants’ demise?

Delivery and Installation. Ever tried to get an 8’ Palm into your SUV? (I bet you have!) Simply getting plants large enough to fill your spaces, to your establishment turns into a major headache!

Dead and Dying Plants. After all that time and effort, do you find too many of your plants wind up dying or dead?  (That’s a worse ambiance statement than having no plants at all!)

Plant Pests. It’s a fact; plants get pests. What now?

If you answered YES, that’s me!… you’re not alone.  How do we know??? Well over 90% of our client-base formerly tried to manage their own plant programs before hiring us. And they all tell us the incredible difference our Living Ambiance Program has made to their businesses, their workplaces, and their peace of mind.

In fact, our Living Ambiance Program was conceived for the very purpose of delivering the experience of lush, live, beautiful plants, guaranteed gorgeous to your patrons 100% of the time… while freeing up you and your staff to do what you do best.  That’s why it includes:

WOW Designs

WOW Designs! Experienced horticultural designers with award-winning designs means we know what plants to use, how to ensemble them for best effect, and where to place the arrangements within your spaces for maximum impact to your ambiance. Your sidewalks and other areas will go from sterile to stellar while you just sit back and watch.

Beautiful Plants

Beautiful Plants. We use only Grade “A” Florida Fancy Foliage so your plant designs “pop” right out of their pots! After all, what’s a great design with a sub-standard plant?… not on our watch. Our Professional Designers bring careful thought, intention, and quality plants to your patio scape.

Gorgeous Planters

Gorgeous Planters. We use only the most stunning decorative containers. Lush live plants + gorgeous planters = more than the sum of the parts.

Zero Mess & Instant Ambiance

Instant Ambiance with ZERO Mess. Our delivery and installation systems work with meticulous precision. Think ‘Swiss watch.’

Eye for Detail

Eye for Detail. Our professional plant-care gardeners tend to even the minutest details of your plants on a consistent basis. Premium care coupled with our sub-irrigation technology keeps your plants Guaranteed Gorgeous at all times.

Quick Plant Replacements

Quick Plant Replacement. Our unconditional 100% Plant Replacement Guarantee coupled with our huge greenhouse inventory means we can provide speedy plant replacement. It’s so timely and seamless, you likely won’t even notice when it happens. Even better, it’s included!

So, kiss your Potted Plant Problems Goodbye for good, and say hello to Lush Live Plants, Guaranteed Gorgeous.  Simply click the button below to schedule your Free Ambiance Assessment today!

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