Zero-Mess Instant Ambiance

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One of the most frequent comments we hear from our new clients (who had previously been attempting to do their own plantscaping) is how relieved they are not to have to deal with the logistics and MESS of plant care.

Ever tried to get an 8’ Palm into your SUV? (I bet you have!) Simply getting plants large enough to fill the spaces within/around your establishment turns into a major headache! 

Hence, these do-it-yourselfers usually resort to using LOTS of smaller plants to fill up the space. This creates several other problems, in turn:

  1. The cost is inevitably higher because you also need lots of nice containers for all those smaller plants.

  2. The time necessary to care for all those individual plants sky rockets, as well as the ongoing cost of replacement.

  3. It simply doesn’t look as good, or convey the same level of ambiance impact as appropriately sized larger plants deliver!

Even worse, the initial set up and ongoing maintenance can easily create a mess within your establishment if this is something your personnel aren’t trained to do as professionals.  Moist potting soil, top cover, and plant debris sprinkling your floors and carpets. Water dripping and spilling… what a mess! Not the meticulous impression you want to give your guests and patrons.

Say Goodbye to the Mess & Logistical Nightmare

Our delivery, installation, and plant care teams work with meticulous precision… think ‘Swiss watch.’  We have proven systems and processes in place that we’ve developed and improved upon for years and years. Our people are trained and tested in these systems and processes before they ever hit the field.

Couple that with our large delivery vehicles and huge on-site greenhouse, and you have a plant delivery, installation, and care machine that literally does work like a Swiss watch. That’s why our award-winning plantscape designers can deliver instant ambiance and ongoing plant care to your establishment so cost-effectively… and even include free plant replacement!

So say goodbye to the mess and logistical nightmare of in-house plant care and see how Interior Plant Scapes can deliver instant ambiance to your establishment, cost effectively and with zero mess.

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