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(Lush Live Plants + Beautiful Planters = Guaranteed Gorgeous!)

Live plants are beautiful.  Ceramic planters are stunning…again, yes!  But some kind of magic happens when you combine them as one. Some weird math would say, 1 + 1 = 5! 

Our expertise lies in the combination of lush, live plants and stunning planters to create a holistic design. Pair that with our live plant replacement guarantee and you have Guaranteed Gorgeous every time.

Senior Living Plant Scapes

Stunning Planters: Art, Color, Design, Craftsmanship, Beauty…all wrapped up in Functionality

After years and years (decades even) of searching for the ideal planter, we’ve found it!

Vietnamese Ceramics are colorful, beautiful and durable. (Yes, there is a difference and our experience has proven that Vietnamese is far superior to Chinese or Mexican ceramic.) The problem with other exterior planters is age old – as in, they show their age by looking old. 

Not these ceramics!  The naturally occurring clay in Vietnam is dense and creates a beautiful vessel that lasts a lifetime.  Then the vibrant glazes fired at super-hot temperatures create a finish that never fades.

Our Vietnamese Ceramics are artisan quality & hand made.  This old-world approach to shaping, glazing, and firing means that no two planters are exactly alike. The finish is called “falling-glaze” – creating rich depths of color with unique patterns.  The color on these planters is both prominent and permanent – year-round color.

The Magic of Grouping Plants and Planters

Potted plant design is an essential element of bringing your plantscape together. We think through not only the best “places for plants” but also the best groupings.

Grouping potted plants creates interest and focal points. Plant groupings can be used as a privacy tool to block out unwanted views. Or the exact opposite, to bring attention and highlight a view.

Plants are living art!  Planters aren’t living, but the art is undeniable. Interesting plant groupings are created by considering both different sizes/styles of planters, and a variety of plant types. Planter groupings of same style but different sizes create an elegant professional design, while large plants and planters create a statement: “Come over here and chill!”    

Grouping Decorative Containers

Ceramic planters are often sold as nested sets (think “Matryoshka” the Russian stacking dolls). This fact naturally creates beautiful groupings of exact style containers in different sizes and heights.

Sometimes sameness is the goal – other times mixing styles creates a more interesting look. Grouping planters of different colors is a little trickier, but if done right, you can pull in another color from patio furnishings or décor to completely bring a space together.

Grouping Plant Variety

God’s amazing palette of plant colors, textures, forms, leaf shapes, sizes, etc. is absolutely amazing. Considering these features are constantly changing as the plant grows makes it even more stunning.

Successful plantscape design intentionally works with a good palette of plant variety. We have our proven winners that not only thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments, but combine to create interesting plantscapes. Yes, plants of any variety soften a space and create warmth, but the right combinations and groupings take your plantscape to the next level.

Big Plants for Big Spaces

It’s important to scale the choice of plants to the space. For large spaces, and especially patios and pool areas, you need to think big, grand, lush and LARGE.

Not every plant needs to be 8’ to 10’, but every large space needs at least one or two this size, and possibly more depending on the size of the space. The 3’ Dracaena sitting in the corner of a 20’ tall screened in patio, just won’t cut it. Big patios or high ceilings beg for extra-large plants. Our favorite Plants Extra Large are without a doubt, palms! Not only do palms shout, “Welcome to Florida,” their large cascading fronds fill the large space created by screened-in patios.

Another beautiful benefit of tropical palms is they do not shed their leaves like other plant types. Their older fronds naturally turn yellow as the plant grows, but those fronds won’t fall off and litter the area. They must be pruned off (don’t worry, our Gardeners have got your back here too).

Let us show you how we can transform your establishment from drab to dynamic with our magical combination of lush live plants and stunning planters to create ambiance and beautiful spaces!

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