Your Atmosphere is Speaking; What is It Saying?

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What Does Your Atmosphere Say About YOU?

From the time a customer, client, guest or patron first approaches your place of business, until the time they leave… every minute… the atmosphere of your establishment is silently speaking to them.  Speaking louder than any words.

You, as the business owner or manager, don’t have a choice. It’s not something you can turn on or off at will.  Whether you like it or not, your surroundings ARE speaking to your patrons. Everything they see – OR don’t see – is silently giving them clues and insights into how you conduct your business.

Ask yourself this one all-important question…

What is it saying???

If you survey your establishment with fresh eyes (and ears), you may be surprised to find out that your surroundings are not relaying the positive ambiance messaging that you’d like them to.  You may even further realize that this could be the reason for poor business performance, and possibly even poor employee performance.

A quick, cost-effective, and easy way to turn your ambiance messaging from poor to positive is to utilize a carefully conceived plant scaping program to upgrade the surroundings of your establishment.

Why Plants?

When you invest in gorgeous, live, lush plants in exquisite containers, artfully ensembled, and appropriately placed – you instantly ‘tell’ your patrons that you care about your establishment, your business, and your customers. You make a visual statement that you think your establishment is special… and your customers are special. – You can’t put a value on that.

Beyond that, you are visually signaling several important business qualities to your guests, clients, and customers that can, and will, directly impact your bottom-line:

Attention to Detail

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”

– Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian inventor, architect, artist, mathematician, scientist

“When making experiences, attention to detail matters.”

– Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”

– Charles R Swindoll, pastor & author

Details matter… period. Customers know this, and whether consciously or unconsciously, they are more inclined to engage with establishments that demonstrate attention to detail. — But how do you tell your customers that you’re on top of the details?  You don’t.  You show them.

And what better way to visually demonstrate your steadfast attention to detail than beautifully maintained, artfully designed and arrayed plantscapes like these:

Image of Success

As a business establishment, it is important that you portray in image of success to your patrons. Why? – Because an image of success is like a silent testimonial. It demonstrates to your guests, clients, and customers that you conduct your business well.  It shows them that you think of yourself as a success. And it indicates that you have plenty of satisfied patrons because you deliver on your promises… whatever those may be.

Beyond that, portraying an image of success will attract clientele who value success, quality, and excellence… and are willing and able to pay for those values. In other words, upscale clients.

Professional live plants simply and elegantly convey an image of success.

Elegant and Refined Atmosphere

Any business wishing to appeal to upscale clientele will want to create an elegant and refined atmosphere about their establishment.

Whether it’s a banking institution, a country club, a luxury high-rise condo or car dealership, live plants are part of any refined and upscale environment.  They simply and elegantly tell your clientele that you share their same values of quality and excellence.

Employees Are People Too

Did I mention that all these same qualities are just as important to employee performance as they are to customer performance?

It’s true. Showing your employees that you pay attention to the details, that you value the success of your business and its image, and that you value quality and excellence is just as important (if not more important) than showing your customers. You are the leader of your employee tribe, so lead by example. If you set an example of quality and excellence, more often than not, they will follow your lead.

Assessing Your Atmosphere

So, we’ve talked about the importance of positive ambiance messaging and the need to evaluate what signals your atmosphere is sending to your patrons. But how do you DO that?

Most importantly, you need to view your establishment and your atmosphere through a fresh set of eyes.  Here at Interior Plant Scapes, we understand how challenging that can be.

That’s why we offer free Ambiance Assessments. Let us evaluate how well your establishment employs positive ambiance messaging and give you a list of no-pressure recommendations to consider.

Schedule your Free Ambiance Assessment Today.

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