How to Keep Your Plant Scapes Guaranteed-Gorgeous!

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The one question I probably get asked more than any other is…

Brad, how do you keep ALL those plant scapes around South Florida “Guaranteed Gorgeous”… and how you can you make a free plant replacement guarantee on SO many plants out there???

(Okay, so that’s two questions… but the answer is the same for both.) ?

My answer is easy:

We hire only Professional Gardeners


We have a HUGE On-Site Greenhouse Inventory at our facility.

Let’s talk about our awesome gardeners first.

IPS Professional Plant Care Gardeners are the BEST!

Wow, that’s quite a statement… how can I say that? 

Because we hire only Professional Gardeners.  Then we put them through a training system we’ve perfected for more than 30 years in business.

That’s right… we have SYSTEMS that make sure our gardeners are the best in their class!  For the past 30 years, whenever we’ve found a flaw in our process or systems, we’ve improved them… honing our onboarding and training systems into a finely tuned machine that churns out highly qualified, expert gardeners trained specifically for the task of making sure your plants STAY Guaranteed Gorgeous!

If you think about it, that investment of time and effort into our people up front give us HUGE returns on the back end.  Our clients continue to be WOW’ed by how meticulously-perfect their plants always look… and we very rarely have to replace plants… because they are cared for by OUR expertly-trained gardeners.

Why Bother Maintaining an On-Site Greenhouse?

In the event that we DO have to replace a plant… we have a HUGE fully stocked greenhouse right on our premises.  That’s right… we grow and care for our own plant stock(Did you just have an ‘Aha’ moment?)

[Yep… by growing and caring for our own plant stock… keeping your plants looking just as great as our ‘new’ plants isn’t a big jump, is it.]

By maintaining a fully-stocked greenhouse, we can respond to our client’s needs quickly and efficiently… usually the same day… never leaving them with a less-than-perfect plant, or a hole in their plant scape.

And because we grow and care for our own plant stock, we can feel free to cost-effectively replace plants liberally.  If a plant is struggling for any reason, we can replace it without incurring exorbitant costs on our end.

So if you’re tired of Do-It-Yourself Plant Care, come discover the Interior Plant Scapes difference… you won’t get this kind of white glove treatment anywhere else.

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