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Anyone who regards themselves as an expert in their chosen field will tell you that experience matters. That’s a generally accepted truth.

However, what our moms and piano teachers knew that we seem to have forgotten all-too-often in our modern world, is that it is the quality of the experience that matters, more than the quantity.

Anytime someone echoes the old refrain, “Practice makes perfect,” … I hear voices from Mom and teachers from the past chanting, “No, PERFECT practice makes perfect.” 

So, while it may sound impressive to say, “We’ve been in business for over 35 years!”… what’s really impressive about that statement isn’t expressed by those words.

What I’m most proud of about those 35 years is how we’ve used them to grow, learn, improve what we do and how we do it… to become the premier provider in our industry. And more importantly, in our niche region of South Florida.

Only PERFECT Practice Makes Perfect

If you’ve read my other articles, or visited by Miller Marketing and Training website (my other passion), you know I’m a huge proponent of SYSTEMS. I learned early on in my business, that like Mamma said, ‘only perfect practice makes perfect.’ And I found that by utilizing a systems approach, I could capture the perfect practices, order them into perfect processes, and then organize those into perfect systems. Then, I could leverage my systems by documenting them and use that documentation for everything from onboarding and training, to quality control.  Through implementing a systems approach, I found I could make perfection predictable, repeatable, and even teachable.

As my company grew over the years, I found my systems approach fostered a deep value of excellence throughout my company. Nothing could have pleased me more! — My systems mindset became contagious, and I soon found my staff reminding ME to systematize as new business needs arose. Oh boy, did I like that!

As year added onto year, I found that the efficiency our systems afforded us as a team, allowed us the time and energy to expand our business in a variety of ways that even further increased our efficiency and value to our clients. A few prime examples are:

#1 Plant Replacement: Extending our award-winning plant scape design service to include ongoing professional plant care with a free plant replacement guarantee. This single change increased our value proposition exponentially. Not only could our clients have gorgeous plants… be we could guarantee that they would STAY gorgeous!

#2. On-Site Greenhouse: Developing our own on-site greenhouse… one of the largest in South Florida, full stocked and cared for by our own plant professionals. This allowed us to improve our delivery and installation time frames, increase the quality of our plant scapes and plant care, and back our free plant replacement guarantee cost effectively.

#3: Adding Sidewalk, Pool, & Patio Scaping: Extending our interior services to include exterior plant scaping via Sidewalk Scapes and Pool & Patio Scapes… thereby increasing the value proposition we bring to our prestigious corporate clientele.

So next time you see our tagline that we’ve been in business for over 35 years, remember that we’ve been practicing perfection for almost that long. That’s why we can make promises that no one else in our market can deliver on… and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

Schedule your complimentary Ambiance Assessment today, and let us show you the Interior Plant Scapes difference.

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