The Curse of the Familiar…

in Why Plantscaping

…and how it can KILL your business.

We talk with a ton of business owners and managers in SW Florida… and it never ceases to amaze me how many of them are trying to run super successful businesses… but most are operating under a CURSE!

What’s worse, they don’t even know it.

Yet the effects of this curse are very real, extremely damaging, and are subtly keeping these businesses from prospering. Here are just a few of its symptoms:

The end result? – Their establishments look boring, uncared for, perhaps even worn out, empty or spartan… in a nut shell,

It looks like nobody thinks it’s any place special.

***NEWS FLASH***:  If you (as owners and managers) don’t think your establishment is any place special, what do you think the chances are that your customers, clients, and guests will think it’s any place special … look forward to coming… or think it’s some place worth visiting time and again?  Yep, you guess it… SLIM to NONE!

So what is this mysterious curse??? – It is…

…and it affects more business owners and managers than you can imagine, and is responsible for more flailing businesses than you would guess.

You see, owners and managers experience their establishments every day… day in, and day out.  They’ve long ago stopped noticing that dead plant greeting customers when they come in the front entrance.  They’re oblivious to the lack of warmth and hospitality in their surroundings… after all, it’s work to them. And there’s nothing “missing” about the coldness and emptiness of their place of business (in their eyes).

Don’t let this curse happen to you.

Make a concerted effort to view your establishment with a fresh set of all five senses.  Try to view your ‘guest experience’ from your customer’s point of view… from the time they approach your establishment until the time they leave:

Of course, as someone who is there every day, it’s hard to be objective and see your establishment with truly fresh eyes. Here at Interior Plant Scapes, we understand how challenging that can be.

That’s why we offer free Ambiance Assessments. Let us evaluate how well your establishment creates a sense of ambiance for your guests, and give you a list of no-pressure recommendations to consider.

Break the Curse of the Familiar and schedule your Free Ambiance Assessment today.

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