What’s your position in our Company? Tiffany's Fun Photo

Gardener Supervisor

Why do you like working at Interior Plant Scapes? 

Growth, new beginnings, and meeting new people! Always learning new ideas and tricks of the trade!

What is your favorite plant? 

I have grown fond of orchids and dracaenas!

What’s your favorite place to vacation?


What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobby?

Read non-fiction and biographies, cooking, painting, and roller blade and volleyball with my kids!

Do you play an instrument?

Drums and the piano (take me out to the ball field is the only song I can play) That counts, right?

What is your favorite quote?

“Well behaved women seldome make history” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Do you cheer for a sports team? Which one?

The Cubs and the Green Bay Packers. I don’t want to hear it…

Are you an animal lover? What kind and names?

I love ALL animals!!! I have a French bulldog named Oreo! My husband grounded me from bringing home random animals all the time.

Favorite all time movie? And/or book?

Favorite all time movie, Casino 

What’s your favorite restaurant?

I’m a foodie. I love a TON of restaurants! Depends on my mood for what I like at the moment.

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