JubileeWhat’s your position in our Company?

Senior VP of Human Resources with a focus on employee morale

Why do you like working at Interior Plant Scapes?

The hours are good, the people are nice and the 4 hour afternoon naps are a nice perk.

What is your favorite plant?

Kinda partial to the Dogwood tree

What’s your favorite place to vacation?

The mountains of North Carolina

What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobby?

Take consecutive 4 hours naps

Do you play an instrument?

What’s an instrument?

What is your favorite quote?

“Dogs are man’s best friend”

Do you cheer for a sports team? Which one?

The Georgia Bulldogs

Are you an animal lover? What kind and names?

Rabbits, but I’ve never caught one.

Favorite all time movie? And/or book?

How to Win Friends and Influence People by looking cute

What’s your favorite restaurant?

The downstairs couch.

What other fun or quirky info should we know about you?

I like to sleep upside down with my feet in the air.