Does Your Plant Company Do THIS???

Hopefully, over the course of our recent blog posts, you’ve come to understand more about the value of live plant scaping to your business and how cost-effective it can be to implement and maintain.

In fact, if you’re like most savvy business owners, you’re beginning to realize you need to hire a plantscaping service at this point.

So why go with Interior Plant Scapes? – What makes US your best choice?

Free Plants for Your Establishment

How Good is That?

I hope after considering my recent blog post about the pitfalls of DIY plantscaping, you’ve decided that it’s not the smartest business decision.

Now let’s talk about how you can cost-effectively have your establishment expertly plantscaped, with ongoing professional plant care to ensure you’re consistently delivering an atmosphere of beauty and ambiance to your patrons.  How cost-effective is free? – I think you’ll agree that’s hard to beat.

Excellence Wins

Excellence Wins

A no-nonsense guide to becoming the best in a world of compromise

Or Hospitality as a Verb

You may not know his name, but I’ll bet you know his hotel. He penned the priceless creed that drives the hotel’s high standards…

“We Are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen”

Still not sure of the iconic hotel and the man behind the creed?

Worse Than Nothing!

In my last blog post, I introduced you to the concept of Positive Ambiance Messaging and conveyed how gorgeously designed, well cared for, beautifully appointed and expertly placed, live, thriving plants can be instant ambiance game-changers.

I also said it can be surprisingly easy and cost-effective to implement… if you’re doing it right.  Let me re-emphasize that last part… IF – YOU’RE – DOING – IT – RIGHT.

The Power of Positive Ambiance Messaging

Everyone’s heard the old adage:

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

… and we all pretty much can see the truth in that.  Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, can we agree then that an experience must be worth about a million words?

The Curse of the Familiar…

…and how it can KILL your business.

We talk with a ton of business owners and managers in SW Florida… and it never ceases to amaze me how many of them are trying to run super successful businesses… but most are operating under a CURSE!

Landscape Your Concrete? “Say, Whaat?”

Potted Plants for Pavement…the cure for the common sidewalk.

The hardscape.  Every building has it.  It is of course, a functional necessity.  Driveways, sidewalks, pavers, etc – all described as the hardscape. 

Instant Ambiance

Create A Brand-New Sense of Arrival in 60 minutes or less

Many small business owners and managers realize they need to upgrade their establishment’s atmosphere. However, at first blush the task appears so daunting and seemingly expensive…