The centerpiece of most dining tables is lifeless, dull or sterile.

Living Tablescapes create a warm welcome with intriguing live foliage and decorative containers in a complete done-for-you program.

This Concierge-Style Centerpiece Program Includes:

  • Gorgeous Live Plants
  • Decorative Containers
  • Convenient Delivery & Installation
  • Maintenance-Free Plant Care
  • Plant Replacement Guarantee
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Looking for the complete solution for adding warmth and hospitality to your dining tables?

Wish Granted –
and Guaranteed Gorgeous

Finally, a centerpiece option that’s both classy and affordable. It’s the easy, cost-effective solution for adding beauty, freshness and hospitality to your dining tables with guaranteed gorgeous live plants and decorative containers.

The Advantages of Living tablescapes



Award-Winning Designs

Expansive Greenhouse Inventory

Responsive Customer Service

Experienced & Professional Gardeners

With a 35-year track record of success in Southwest Florida, we have an outstanding team in place and an enduring reputation for excellence. Our unique processes ensure you get the most beauty and value from your investment, and that you are always served with integrity. Our expertise includes all types of potted plant services – including plants for interior spaces, sidewalks and entry monuments. We serve an array of businesses and properties such as:

  • Restaurants 
  • Country Clubs
  • Luxury High-Rise Condos
  • Car Dealerships
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Senior Living
  • Shopping Centers
  • Class A Office Space

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