The Curse of the Familiar…

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…and how it can KILL your business. We talk with a ton of business owners and managers in SW Florida… and it never ceases to amaze me how many of them are trying to run super successful businesses… but most are operating under a CURSE!

Landscape Your Concrete? “Say, Whaat?”

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Potted Plants for Pavement…the cure for the common sidewalk. The hardscape.  Every building has it.  It is of course, a functional necessity.  Driveways, sidewalks, pavers, etc – all described as the hardscape. 

Instant Ambiance

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Create A Brand-New Sense of Arrival in 60 minutes or less Many small business owners and managers realize they need to upgrade their establishment’s atmosphere. However, at first blush the task appears so daunting and seemingly expensive…

Your Atmosphere is Speaking; What is It Saying?

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What Does Your Atmosphere Say About YOU? From the time a customer, client, guest or patron first approaches your place of business, until the time they leave… every minute… the atmosphere of your establishment is silently speaking to them.  Speaking louder than any words.

The Magic of Crafting a Great Guest Experience

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We all want more customers, and we all want our customers to come back again and again… and hopefully again, and yet again!  How do we do that?  What keeps them coming back repeatedly?

Hospitality, Weird Math and Your ABC’s

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How to Create a Warm Welcome for Your Clients, Members and Guests Here’s a question for hospitality leaders of all kinds, “When does 1+1+1=4?”

The Incredible Power of Plants as Living Art

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“I think that I shall never see… a poem lovely as a tree.” Is it possible that the original and highest form of art is so close and familiar to us, that we’ve become blind its beauty?