#1 Plants Increase Customer Spend

In my last article, I mentioned we would take an in-depth look at 4 Proven Ways Plants Improve Your Bottom Line to understand how plants can be our best friends in the post-pandemic “new normal” we all face. As executives, managers, and business owners, we are tasked with providing enhanced customer experiences of safety & well-being, while operating at financial deficits due to months of lost revenue.

4 Proven Ways Plants Improve Your Bottom Line

As American businesses position themselves to re-open in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, now more than ever executives, managers, and business owners are looking to improve their bottom line in the face of lost weeks and months of revenue. 

Emotional and Mental Health Benefits of Plants

Last month I highlighted the physical health benefits of live plants:  breathing Clean Air!

Those live plants just keep on giving – this month it’s emotional and mental health benefits.

The research is in, and WOW, is it compelling. 

Experience Matters

Anyone who regards themselves as an expert in their chosen field will tell you that experience matters. That’s a generally accepted truth.

However, what our moms and piano teachers knew that we seem to have forgotten all-too-often in our modern world, is that it is the quality of the experience that matters, more than the quantity.

How to Keep Your Plant Scapes Guaranteed-Gorgeous!

The one question I probably get asked more than any other is…

Brad, how do you keep ALL those plant scapes around South Florida “Guaranteed Gorgeous”… and how you can you make a free plant replacement guarantee on SO many plants out there???

Zero-Mess Instant Ambiance

One of the most frequent comments we hear from our new clients (who had previously been attempting to do their own plantscaping) is how relieved they are not to have to deal with the logistics and MESS of plant care.

Better Together

(Lush Live Plants + Beautiful Planters = Guaranteed Gorgeous!)

Live plants are beautiful.  Ceramic planters are stunning…again, yes!  But some kind of magic happens when you combine them as one. Some weird math would say, 1 + 1 = 5! 

The Importance of Great Plant Design

When it comes to designing a plantscape for an establishment, it is definitely not a “one size fits all” proposition.  Placing a canned combination of third-rate plants in mediocre containers is not our idea of what plantscaping should be.